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A six-week introduction to the language and culture for the Deaf community in the United States with an emphasis on the study and practice of basic American Sign Language skills.  Students will gain skills in both expressive and receptive sign language skills.   Outline: Lesson 1:  Alphabet & Finger Spelling Lesson 2:  Introducing Yourself, Basic Conversation Rules Lesson 3:  Asking Questions/Information Seeking Lesson 4:  Numbers Lesson 5:  Everyday Conversations Lesson 6:  Putting It All Together Grading:  Pass/Fail   Attendance & Participation Policy: Attendance at all classes and participation in class are mandatory.  This type of class relies on the student being involved in all classroom practice.  It also requires outside practice to become fluent with the language.  Learning a new language requires active participation and patience.  There will be moments of confusion, but work through them with the strategies learned throughout the course.  Be patient with yourself, your classmates and the instructor. Recommended Text:  


Location : Allen Hall Location : 
  Allen Hall.

Cost: $99.00

Instructor : Cyndi Shaver 

Start date: 03/16/17

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Brewing Up A Meal – Learning to Pair Craft Beer & Cuisine Overview: WVU Continuing Professional Education wants to invite you to a relaxing and fun learning experience.  Eat scrumptious cuisine and learn how to pair craft beer and gourmet food by understanding how the flavors and aromas compliment or contrast to make a memorable dining experience. Each meal will be paired with two beers, one to heighten your dining experience as an excellent pairing and a second beer that will not quite pair as perfectly so you can see the differences in the beer and food interaction. Experts will be on hand to answer questions regarding the craft beer and the food served. Our aim is to make this a unique and enjoyable experience as you gain a little more knowledge!   Location: Table 9 at The Wharf District in Morgantown, WV  The menu will comprise of 4 courses with 2 craft beers per course- Menu will be shared when it becomes available Chef/ Owner: Mark Tasker   Instructor: Bryce Capodieci, Certified Cicerone & BJCP Judge (Beer Judge Certification Program) Parking: Parking Passes will be Provided


Location : Table 9 Location : 
  Table 9.

Cost: $55.00

Instructor : Bryce Capodieci 

Start date: 03/30/17

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Overview Start your career as a Motorcycle Technician with this comprehensive course covering the latest content on motorcycle models and technology. Gain detailed information on fuel injection, suspension systems, V-engine technology and more. As a bonus, ATV service and repair is also included because of the similarities in technology. This course provides the knowledge and skills to succeed in today’s motorcycle technology field. After completing this course, you should be able to: Comprehend the history of the motorcycle and the motorcycle industry Comprehend the importance of safety and accident prevention Describe the operation of motorcycle electric, fuel, and engine systems Identify steps for disassembling, inspecting, and reassembling parts of the motorcycle Describe common problems and troubleshooting steps Languages English Course Access Time Students are given 6 months to complete the program. Extensions are available if needed, fees may apply.   Instructor This class supported by an Educational Mentor. Our educational mentors have worked or are working in the subject they mentor. Educational Mentors reviews student work, student progress, and interacts with students as needed. They respond to any questions or concerns you might have, as well as encouraging and motivating you to succeed.  


Location : Online

Cost: $1,795.00

Instructor : Online Class Instructor 

Start Date: upon registration

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Overview Since the introduction of the Special Olympics training school for coaches in 1980, more than 265,000 volunteer coaches have been trained in seminars or courses conducted around the world. In reviewing the evaluations of these coaches'training seminars, a comment appeared repeatedly of the wish that more time could have been spent in the seminar. West Virginia University Continuing & Professional Education, College of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences, and Special Olympics can now offer this online course as a result of those repeated requests. Cost: $35. Average completion time for the course is 25-30 hours.   Objectives By completing the course, the student will learn to: Course Structure and Schedule Module 1:  Understanding Philosophy Module 2:  Sports Planning for the Coach Module 3:  Coaching Sport Skills and Developing Sport Confidence Module 4:  Sport-Specific Performance Training and Nutrition for Special Olympics Athletes Module 5:  Sport Safety and Risk Management This is a non-credit course, and the student can register at any time during the year.  Average completion time for the course is 25-30 hours. The course cost is $35 per registration, and a certificate for course completion will be issued to the student based on instructor approval.   Prerequisites It is recommended that coaches have Special Olympics Skills Course certification (entry-level certification) or a coaching or competition background of five or more years at the high school or college level.   Computer Requirements (Free software plug-ins are available in the "Getting Started" area of the course.) All Students: Using Internet Explorer (IE) 10? Read info on eCampus Main Page   Materials/Textbooks The Principles of Coaching for Special Olympics Coach Workbook is provided for the course as well as other resources. There is no required textbook.   Registration Information  Select the "Add to Cart" option and register through our secure server. You will be receiving email with your online course access information within five working days. Please check your spam or junk folder in case the confirmation email was misplaced there. Call 1-800-253-2762, or email if you have any questions. Major credit cards are accepted. Check our FAQ page for refund and class access information.   Develop an understanding of Special Olympics and identify a coaching philosophy. Apply the sport management team approach in recruiting athletes, volunteers, and family members and in developing training plans for conducting sport-specific training programs for Special Olympics athletes. Identify practical methods for enhancing Special Olympics athlete performance by developing sport confidence through effective coaching techniques. Apply the principles of strength, endurance, coordination, agility and flexibility training and nutrition to enhance sport-specific performance as they apply to the Special Olympics athlete. Provide the safest environment for Special Olympics athletes during training and competition Internet Explorer Adobe Reader Quick Time Player Macromedia Flash Player Java Course Reviews   "The Principals of Coaching for Special Olympics was amazingly easily accessible and an excellent source of information once I was able to overcome the challenges of taking an online course. This course made me think, but I was able to fully recognize how important a coach's approach and techniques mattered when training athletes. Kudos to the instructor and the Support Team for their unwavering patience, assistance, and the major role they played that enabled me to complete the course which I highly recommend."       “This is a must take class for anyone that is involved in Special Olympics. This online class has been an excellent resource for me to refresh and re-learn some of the principals that are used daily in Special Olympic coaching. This is one of the best on-line classes I have ever taken. Thank you very much for offering such a class!”     "I completed the Principals of Coaching for Special Olympics online training course. The course was easy to access and complete and ideal for me as a busy working mom since I could move through the modules at my own pace as I had time. Most importantly the course is a helpful learning tool which I would recommend for all Special Olympics coaches."  


Location : Online

Cost: $35.00

Instructor : Annette Lynch 

Start date: 01/09/17

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