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Course Testimonials


Entrepreneurship/Skilled Trades Courses
The Wedding Planner course at WVU provided me with the right foundation and tools to follow my dreams of starting my own Event Planning business. I believe the success and growth of my business in just nearly two years is a direct reflection on the education I received from the course and it's instructor, Misti Sims. I will forever be thankful for what this program has allowed me to do and highly recommend this to anyone interested in the wedding industry." - Shadoe Martin, Co-owner & Wedding Specialist of Creative Celebrations WV
"The West Virginia Craft Beer Certification Program offered by WVU Continuing & Professional Education far exceeded my expectations. I signed up with the simple hope of building on my knowledge as a home-brewer. Not only did I learn far more about brewing than I expected, I gained the confidence to make the move from extract to all-grain brewing. Should I ever decide to venture into the world of commercial brewing, the third course also provided a road map of how to get started. I highly recommend this continuing education course for anyone planning to start or currently home brew, or who just has a passion for craft beer and wants to learn more from some local experts. Cheers! "

  Bob Steele

“I have been coaching Special Olympics for 18 years. The Principles of Coaching online course was a great way to refresh and re-enforce my understanding of the mission and purpose for Special Olympics and why our job as a coach is so important. The course provided valuable information on how important the team approach is in establishing an effective training program and gave me new insight on how to better understand and work with the unique abilities (both physical and cognitive) of each and every person I coach. I highly recommend this course to both new and old coaches alike.”


“The course provides an opportunity for coaches to learn new concepts to improve their individual effectiveness, refresh memory on past learnings and importantly take time out to reflect on the what, the why, the how and most especially the who of the captivating Special Olympics enterprise.”

"The Principals of Coaching for Special Olympics was amazingly easily accessible and an excellent source of information once I was able to overcome the challenges of taking an online course. This course made me think, but I was able to fully recognize how important a coach's approach and techniques mattered when training athletes. Kudos to the instructor and the Support Team for their unwavering patience, assistance, and the major role they played that enabled me to complete the course which I highly recommend."
“This is a must take class for anyone that is involved in Special Olympics. This online class has been an excellent resource for me to refresh and re-learn some of the principals that are used daily in Special Olympic coaching. This is one of the best on-line classes I have ever taken. Thank you very much for offering such a class!”

"I completed the Principals of Coaching for Special Olympics online training course. The course was easy to access and complete and ideal for me as a busy working mom since I could move through the modules at my own pace as I had time. Most importantly the course is a helpful learning tool which I would recommend for all Special Olympics coaches."

“I recently finished the Principles of Coaching for Special Olympics course. I have been coaching Special Olympics for almost 5 years, and was surprised to find out how much I could still learn. There was a lot of great information to read through, and then review while taking the quizzes. But my favorite part was that this course made me think. A large part of the written work I did made me analyze my own experience, and think about how I could improve. I want to thank my instructor, and WVU for all of their hard work in putting this course together. Just like I do with my Special Olympics athletes, they made me work but it sure was a lot of fun. I would recommend this to any coach that wants to improve their coaching skills and have their athletes want to keep coming back for more.”

"Enrolling in the SO Coaching course through WVU was one of the best decisions that I have made in recent times. The registration process was very easy and getting started was as simple as beginning to read the coach's manual provided. The information and material provided in this course has significantly enhanced my position as a coach, both with Special Olympics specifically and as a coach in general. In addition to coaching with Special Olympics, I am also a soccer coach in one of the local high schools as well as in the youth league of the Bahamas Football Association and I can say without hesitation that the knowledge gained through this course will be of tremendous value well beyond Special Olympics. In fact, I have already began to employ some of the initiatives both in and out of Special Olympics."

"This course has solidified the knowledge I already had and has provided many new and valuable insights. I would highly recommend this course to ALL coaches, whether involved with Special Olympics or not, but certainly will tout it as a "must do" for all SO coaches. I can truly say that my coaching experience will be greatly enhanced and I trust that all the athletes under my tutelage will be the real beneficiaries of my enhanced knowledge."

"A special thanks to the instructor and her team for a well designed, user friendly, information packed course. I can't ever remember investing so little and getting so much in return."

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Education Courses

“I recommend the 5202 Substitute Class On-Line offered by West Virginia University. I found the course to be academically challenging yet enjoyable. The ability to participate in a guided self-paced study program provided the flexibility I needed to successfully manage the myriad requirements of work, church, and family. Also, the course content was interesting in that it introduced me to concepts and analysis totally new to me. I believe that it made me a better person, nurse, and teacher. You can't go wrong with this course.”

During the 5202 Substitute Training Class I found myself reading some material I had forgotten about from previous Elementary Ed classes. This class did broaden my spectrum on how to handle situations, parents, students and technology. The class itself was great. I was able to work at a fast pace, finishing up pretty quickly as well as getting my observations in. I was leery about observing high school because all my placements previous were K-6, but I really enjoyed HS. It opened my eyes in a different light. I would highly recommend this class, as it was a success for me.

"This course was wonderful! I was reluctant about substitute teaching - I was afraid I wouldn't know enough to help myself, let alone help the students. This course helped encourage and empower me. The learning modules covered everything, including small details that I was worried about (like where to park when I substitute!). I'm thankful observation was a part of the curriculum, too, because it was invaluable. In short, I very highly recommend this class. Because of it, I have a new career path, and I couldn't be more excited."


"Recently, I completed the 5202 Initial Substitute Teacher Training course. It was exceptionally user-friendly, and I learned a great deal that I look forward to bringing into the classroom. Thank you very much for establishing such a wonderful program!"

“Concerning the 5202 Initial Substitute Teacher Training course: I rather enjoyed the class; one of the finer on-line classes I have taken, actually. The resources that are available are very nice to access (i.e. the websites that contain worksheets for classes and varying ways to keep students from sitting idle). The layout was easy to read, the quizzes very much pertaining to the text, and the page-to-page layout was very nice (there was never too much on one page).

"On a personal note: I enjoyed reading a quote in one lesson that I hear my Dad say a lot, "People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care." It's the truth, and I was glad to see it included in a lesson.”

"The I really enjoyed how well the course covered so many aspects of substitute teaching. From daily planning to discipline; everything was covered. I appreciated the attention to detail and the expectation that substitutes should be treated, and treat themselves, as “real” educators."
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Forensic Science Courses

“The Ethics in Forensic Science course offered by WVU was nothing short of great!

Although the course was established for forensic scientists, all members of the Ohio State Highway Patrol Crime Laboratory are now required to take this course of instruction in order to have a better understanding of the challenges of our assigned Criminalists. Although the Ohio State Highway Patrol has maintained a set of Core Values throughout our 75 year history, this course not only encompassed our Core Values, but outlined the specific values that make the discipline of forensic science so valuable to the law enforcement and criminal justice communities.

This is a timely course of greatness that I encourage West Virginia University to maintain and offer to forensic scientists.”

As manager of the Grayson County, Virginia Day Reporting Center, I found this course to be exactly what I needed. Most of the felons sentenced to our program have committed crimes linked to illegal drugs. They either have direct drug offenses (e.g., distribution, manufacturing), or have committed other crimes indirectly related to drug use and distribution (e.g., grand larceny, forgery, fraud). In our daily supervision of offenders, it is important that we understand the differences, sources, effects, identification, etc. of the full spectrum of drugs. This course has provided a valuable knowledge base that will be of daily benefit to my mission. I enjoyed the course, and I look forward to taking more courses in the near future. Thank you for an excellent learning program.
“I am just starting out in this field as a student intern at a local law enforcement agency, with the goal of working in the local Crime Lab. This course has helped me gain a much better understanding on the material and also has given me experience I can take with me into the job I will one day be doing. I learned so much from this class and would recommend it to anyone and everyone!”
“I found the Ethics in Forensic Science course to be informative and thought provoking. We are requiring everyone in our laboratory system to complete the course for both accreditation compliance and personal enrichment. This will be a permanent requirement for all new employees.”

“By way of introduction, I am Robert Hebert, a 16-year veteran with the Port of Lake Charles (La.) Harbor Police Department; I also served some years as a Navy Master-at-Arms.

It's delightful and encouraging to find WVU professional development courses in a time when budget restrictions are so tough on departments' training. The courses are simple to follow and accessible at the most convenient times. They are in-depth and focus on the particulars that a lab specialist, crime scene evidence collection specialist, investigator or first response officer need to know.

I've completed Forensic Questioned Documents and Bloodstain Pattern Analysis; I'm currently enrolled in Death Investigation and Shooting reconstruction.

All of these things, a first responder officer needs to know. In a larger department, this information would help the first responder prepare the scene for chief investigators, and make those officers (first responders) more valuable in the event they might be needed to help collect evidence (as would be the case with fragile evidence). In a small department, often the first responder is the chief investigator. So, that in itself says it all: we never know when we might be thrust into a position whereby we must collect the evidence, and all the particular follow-ups.

I'm so appreciative of WVU's contribution to the law enforcement and forensics community. The information is invaluable and most timely. I've encouraged my fellow officers to explore these great courses. Keep up the great work!

“I have been in the field of Law Enforcement and Forensics for over 25 years. I have amassed thousands of hours of training during that period. Having participated in three forensic programs offered by WVU, I wish to comment on the experience that I have had. The courses are very well constructed, and the goals are reasonable and attainable if you stay with the process. The instructors are very knowledgeable, and are willing to help on any issue. I have participated in many different courses using different formats in the way the courses were taught. My WVU experience was one of the best I have had in my career. The program should be used by as many people in the field as possible.”

"All the classes that I have enrolled in have been great. The courses have so much information. I am very confident that any situation I come in contact with will aid me.

I want to thank all the teachers and staff of West Virginia University for the service they provide to law enforcement and other public service employees.

Great Courses."

“Overall a good course. Nice overview. In this period of seriously tight budgets, finding somewhere I can get online training, that is appropriate to my field is a great advantage. And continuing education is always good, even if it only shows that I'm still trying to learn.”
"Thank you so much for sending my certificate!..Never thought at my age I’d complete a college course. I really liked the way it was set up and the easy online access. I’m just starting out in the fingerprint world and found this course to be so educational and interesting for a first time student like me. I have already told a bunch of my co-workers here at the Kauai Police Department about this course and how much it would benefit them in their everyday police work when dealing with finger prints. Aloha from Kauai Hi."
I was extremely appreciative of the opportunity to take the online Forensic Science Introductory Course through WVU. Having served as a patrol officer for five years, this course helped me learn much more about the different methods and technology involved in processing a scene and identifying suspects, victims, and other people who may have been at the scene. I will definitely put the knowledge I gained in this course to use, and hope to develop my interest in the area of forensics through taking more courses as I move to the identification unit next year. The opportunity to communicate with other law enforcement and government personnel throughout the country who are in similar stages of their career was also outstanding. This course helps provide an introduction to forensic science and was interesting, easy to navigate and fun, too! I am very happy this course is available to allow people within the law enforcement community to gain a deeper understanding of forensics, and test the waters to see if it is something they would like to pursue further.

"I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to enhance my proficiency by participating in the Ethics in Forensic Science Training online. I would not have had this opportunity had it not been for West Virginia University. Working in the training modules each day was an evolving learning experience. The ability to interact with the course coordinator/instructor and students kept me quite interested."

"I look back upon my 32 years as a law enforcement officer and clearly realize how much better I could have served my community had this training been available sooner. I have placed into practice what I learned. We no longer view personnel issues in the proverbial black & white...understanding that "the grey area" reveals more probative information. I now supervise and work in a much more productive frame of mind with quality assurance guided by a clear understanding of ethical behaviors and practices."
“My decision to take this class enabled my supervisor to see I was interested in the program and I was subsequently signed up and certified on the IBIS system! It was my foot in the door. Thank you.”
I did enjoy both classes that I signed up for - Perspectives in Expert Testimony and Principles of Death Investigation. Upon completion of the courses I emailed both instructors to thank them for their enthusiasm, insight, and comprehensive coverage of the subject matter. In most areas of Law Enforcement a person with my years of service (30 years) is considered a "dinosaur or relic" and past the point of being interested or teachable in most if not all matters concerning the various aspects of Law Enforcement. While this belief has certainly been true with me as of late, I feel I owe a debt of gratitude to both instructors as well as to WVU for providing courses related to my current assignment and for re-kindling my interest. I found both courses informative and challenging, and I believe that I took away valuable information that will be of use to me as I continue on the path that I started on three decades ago. While participating in both courses I realized that for the first time in 2-4 years that I will miss my job when I'm forced to retire in a little over 15 months. I again want to thank all involved for reaffirming that the career choice I made so many years ago, was the right one.

"This was an excellent class and I really enjoyed it. I definitely will be taking more classes through your school in the future."
“I really enjoyed this class. The material was very interesting, relevant and informative. The virtual crime scene exercise was outstanding. I enjoyed putting together all the information and actually using it at a crime scene. Loved it!”

"First, I would like to thank you for offering the Forensic Photography course online. This morning was the first chance I had to put the knowledge I learned to use. We had a very serious motor vehicle crash involving a milk delivery truck and a tractor trailer. The driver of the tractor trailer ended up having his right leg amputated and sustained several internal injuries. His prognosis is still unknown as of this email. As luck would have it, a local media photographer took a photo of me in action.

Had I not completed this course, I would have never thought to capture specific angles and items at the scene. Unfortunately, due to our department policy, I cannot share with you the photos I took of the crash scene, as they are considered evidence.

Because I was so satisfied with this class, I intend to take other courses."

“I have enjoyed the online forensic classes that are being offered through West Virginia University. I have completed the Introduction to Firearms and Toolmarks course. It was very interesting. I have found I would like to further my knowledge in this area of forensic science. I am finishing up the IBIS course. It too has been a wonderful experience. I look forward to continuing with the non credit classes. I hope there will continue to be classes added to the course list as the Forensic Science field has many disciplines. I think the courses are great for those just beginning in the field or even as brush up courses. The thing I like best about the courses is they are great to just experience a basic knowledge of the different disciplines of forensic science. Thanks to all the instructors who put together the course materials and take the time to interact with those of us who are completing the courses.”

"WVU’s class titled, “Hair Evaluation for DNA Analysis” gave me a fundamental and essential understanding of hairs and trace evidence for my career. Before this class I had no prior education of forensics and this was perfect in terms of depth and overview for beginners. Having it online was a plus as well, it was nice to be able to have the ability to go at your own pace. I would suggest this class for anyone interested in getting a basic understanding of forensic hair evaluation."
“This was a thorough class with lots of useful information. The class catered to each and every student with or without experience. It was presented properly with attention to detail and was by far my favorite class so far!”
“I recently completed the on-line course for Introduction to Bloodstain Pattern Analysis. I want to thank you and express how much I enjoyed the course. It was very convenient for me to take the on-line course and be able to work on it when time permitted. I learned a great deal and am now able to move on and take a 40 hour course on an Advanced Bloodstain Pattern Analysis Course. I feel like I learned the basics and will have a better understanding of the principals when I attend the course in May. Thank you for offering an on-line program to Law Enforcement Personnel. The education is invaluable. I look forward to taking more courses from West Virginia University.”
“This last July I participated in an interview for the position of Police Identification Technician trainee at the Portland Police Bureau in Portland, Oregon. At that time I did not receive a job offer for the position. Following some of the sit-alongs I participated in at the Bureau, I knew my greatest weakness was possessing any sort of knowledge about the Automated Fingerprint Identification System, the Police Bureau's central method to obtaining, storing and analyzing fingerprint data. Jamie Rogers, a lead technician at the Police Bureau suggested that I take some courses from West Virginia University. I was very pleased with the quality, thoroughness, and organization of West Virginia Universities' course on the Automated Fingerprint Identification System. The staff at WVU were also very helpful in expediting some of the processes in order to meet my deadline for the interview. My hope is to combine the practical knowledge I received through the AFIS course, with some of the real-world fingerprint application techniques I've gained in the military through fingerprinting individuals of the local populace overseas in Afghanistan, in order to hopefully compete as the Police Bureau's top candidate.
“I had so much fun in this course! As a new chemist just getting started in the field, my Manager advised me to look into continuing education through West Virginia University online. I was happy to see that there was a course on Color Spot Testing and quickly applied. The course was EXACTLY what I was looking for! It was informative yet concise, with graphics that held my attention when studying late at night. I would without hesitation recommend this class to anyone in the field. I expect to refer to the information contained for many years to come. Thanks so much for your help and for this course.
“This course was the second in a series of courses recommended by my manager. I am a relatively new forensic chemist and the goal was to deepen my understanding of what the job entailed. The course was extremely informative and really gave me a leg up in my training. Now when my manager is talking about testing a drug sample, I am already familiar with basic protocols and have a good idea of how to proceed! I was particularly impressed with the historical and legal background for each drug class that we received. It is not often that you find that sort of information integrated into what is primarily a science course. The information about derivatization has spawned a special project that I will be taking on that will help us in our analysis of amines, and I thank you for being the impetus for that. I would not only recommend this course to anyone in forensics, I honestly think that it should be required study for anyone starting out in the discipline. Thanks so much for this course!
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Healthcare/Wellness Courses
“Since the age of four, I have been in love with horses. As a first year in the Speech Pathology master's program, I never in my wildest dreams expected to find a job that incorporates both horses and speech! The Intro To Equine Assisted Activities and Therapies online course helped me learn the basics of hippotherapy and equine assisted therapy in very detail-oriented slides that included news reports and integrated videos and pictures. My favorite part of the course, however, was the lab day at On Eagles' Wings farm. We gave a lesson to an adorable girl with cerebral palsy, and as soon as she was put on top of that horse, you could tell that she felt like she was in charge. The lesson was geared towards stretching activities and mind games. After graduating, I plan to explore my options in the hippotherapy field, thanks to this course! Keep in mind that you don't have to be a speech pathology student for equine assisted therapy and hippotherapy to be relevant to you. Anyone in a rehabilitation or therapy field could find this class beneficial!”
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Personal Enrichment Courses
“I like to host parties and I thought this would be a good idea for another type of party to host. My friend was excited about taking this with me as well. I've been to wine tastings and pairings, but never beer. I thought the pairings were excellent and the food exceeded my expectations. It was laid back and fun, but also informative at the same time. I'd love to do it again to try other combinations of food and beer. I also learned how to "taste" beer and I never knew how to do that before, now I'm going through the beer tasting/smelling, etc. steps every time I drink a beer! Please offer more craft beer tasting classes. Thanks! ”
“I enjoyed the Introduction to Horror Writing class as a lover of horror literature and a student with things still to learn about the genre. The professor had modules that were exciting and easy to follow. The assignments were challenging with a spirit of fun to them. Overall, the self-paced course fit my life and the topic was fun to expand my horizons.”
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